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main dishes traditional

traditional main dishes (all main courses exclude rice or chips)

how to choose your main course
decide which freshly prepared sauce you would like from our selection,
then choose your main ingredient from the following:

beef or chicken or pork


‘char siu’ (chinese roast pork)






king prawn


‘special’ (beef, chicken,’char siu’ & king prawns)


savoury dishes

green peppers & black bean  

flavoursome black bean infused sauce, diced peppers & onions

crunchy beansprouts           

quick stir fried, light soy, hint of garlic, onion & spring onions

fresh mushrooms

delicious mushroom sauce

ginger & spring onions

fresh ginger, spring onions, caramelised shallots, light refreshing sauce 

oyster sauce

bamboo shoot slices, diced onion, savoury oyster sauce

satay (n)

traditional mildly spicy, peanut based sauce, onions & peppers

seasonal vegetables

fresh chinese leaves, broccoli, fine beans, baby corn, carrots, straw mushrooms

cashew nuts served in a ‘bird’s nest’ (n) (supplement charge £1.00)

diced bamboo shoots,carrots, cashew nuts, celery, served in a crispy filo pastry basket


sweet & fruity dishes

cantonese sauce

sweet & tangy, dark red sauce, full of meaty richness

fresh tomatoes

ripe tomato wedges, refreshing tomato sauce

pickled ginger & pineapple

sweet pineapple chunks, wafer thin pickled ginger, delicate sauce

cashew nuts, yellow bean (n) (supplement charge £1.00)

distinctively sweet, rich, ‘red’ sauce coating, crispy celery, & whole cashew nuts

honey & lemon sauce  n chicken  n duck

(coated) refreshing lemon sauce

fresh orange sauce  n chicken  n duck  n king prawns 

(coated) segments fresh orange, light sauce

sweet & sour  cantonese style  n chicken  n pork  n king prawns

(coated) pineapple, onion & peppers, glossy sweet & sour sauce


hot & spicy dishes

black pepper

spicy crushed black peppers, diced onions & peppers

chilli & garlic

medium spiced sauce, fresh chillies, garlic & onions


originated from 'szechuan' province of china, diced chillies, fresh peppers & onions

thai sweet chilli

firey & red hot thai sauce, lemon grass, thai basil leaf

spring onions & black bean 

strong flavours of black bean, fragrant spring onions & fresh chillies

red curry 

infusion of thai spicies & curry leaves, enriched with milk of coconut

yellow curry 

traditional chinese curry with a blend of chinese herbs & spices

cashew nuts, spicy kung po (n) (supplement charge £1.00)

fresh chillies, medium hot spicy sauce & whole cashewnuts


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